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Open Source Evaluation Tools

The Section 508 manual evaluation guide provides an overview of the procedure designed to be used in parallel with an automated accessibility evaluation report.

These developer tools may be used to assist in manual evaluation of accessibility.


The Accessible Name and Description Inspector accessibility testing tool.

Accessibility Insights

Accessibility Insights for Web helps developers quickly find and fix accessibility issues.

Web Developer Extension

Toolbar for Firefox, Chrome and Opera


Tool for Chrome that displays websites with black, white and gray only.

MathPlayer plugin from DesignScience

Enables enables Microsoft Internet Explorer to display mathematical notation in web pages.

Colour Contrast Analyser

A tool for checking foreground & background color combinations to determine if they provide good color visibility

WAVE Toolbar

Toolbar for Firefox to help web developers make accessible webpages

WebAIM keyboard testing guide

Keyboard accessibility is one of the most important aspects of web accessibility.

Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Toolbar for Internet Explorer to help web developers make accessible webpages

AInspector Sidebar

Link Klipper - Extract all links

Link Klipper is a chrome extension which helps you extract all the links on a webpage and export them to a file. No more hassle to copy each link from a webpage and store it individually.