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Assistive Technology Resources

This section of the website has information regarding commonly-used and promising assistive technology products.

Kurzweil 3000/firefly

Kurzweil 3000 is a widely-used tool for persons with print disabiltiies that provdies assistance with reading, writing, and study-skills. Beginning with version 13, Kurzweil released firefly, a web-based tool for desktop computers and iPads that provides access to many Kurzweil 3000 functions via a web browser.

In August, 2012, the CSU AT staff and representatives from Kurzweil Educational Systems hosted a webinar to demonstrate, and facilitate a discussion regarding, the firefly product. The resources below were provided or referenced during the webinar.

Kurzweil Educational Systems regularly hosts webinars to demonstrate their products and discuss product features, implementation strategies, and training resources--many that are specific to the postsecondary environment. Visit the Kurzweil webinars page for more info about upcoming webinars.

JAWS and MAGic

Surfing the Web with JAWS and MAGic (Freedom Scientific