Assess Reading Order

When you create a PDF, the structure of your original document is carried over in the PDF as tags (labels) that identify each component you have created in your document.  The way that you order your document is the order that will be read by a screen reader such as JAWS.  This section address the various ways you can assess the reading order of your document in order to know what parts of it need to be made accessible.  You will learn to repair these elements in the next section of this training.

The following tutorials will guide you through all 4 methods of checking the reading order of your document by using Adobe Acrobat Tools to see your reading order and Assistive Technology software in order to hear your document.

1. Review Reading Order in Tags Panel

2. Review Reading Order in Order Panel

3. Export/Save As Text Accessible

4. Assistive Technology to Check Reading Order

Please view the following video tutorial for a more indepth introduction to this area.

Video Tutorial - An Introduction to Assessing Reading Order (2:47)


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