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Captioning Shared Campus Responsibilities

It can sometimes take a village to handle captioning requirements at a campus, with many different functional areas and roles that might be responsible or be assigned the various responsibilities. This section focuses on captioning functions and responsibilities, since job titles vary system wide.

External Services

Commercial and consulting services provide audio, visual and multimedia solutions for campus and public use.

  • E&IT Vendors are responsible for providing VPATs and an Accessibility Roadmap for products/services that require captioning.
  • For purchasing media related to captioning refer to the campus ATI Procurement process.
  • There are Critical Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Captioning Solution when determining how to select captioning solutions.
  • When an outside vendor is used, a process for accessing the services should be widely publicized to the campus community.  Administrative contacts should be identified, and information about costs and services provided. For example, Cal Poly Pomona has a classroom technology media captioning information page
  • In addition campuses are encouraged to embed links to captioning resources into their LMS.

Internal Services

IT Support

Web Services provides web technology strategies and solutions that facilitate openness and sharing, encourage collaboration, and enhance communication.

  • Content Managers, owners and editors are responsible for facilitating the captioning in real time in-house or as needed from approved CSU vendors.
  • Instructional Design and Information Technology Support offices provide consultation and training to faculty regarding the inclusion of captioned media into their courses. These offices will also evaluate and determine captioning needs for each video and includes facilitating the captioning in real time as needed for the client.

Disability Student Services

Disabled Student Services (DSS) provides resources and disability related accommodations to assist with educational goals and student success. DSS may also provide consultation and training to faculty on captioning media into their courses.

Academic Department

Academic departments consult with IT and/or DSS to determine needs for videos and ensure that all media that must be captioned is done prior to delivery.

Communication & Marketing

The Commencement Office or Coordinator will consult with IT and/or DSS to coordinate captioning for videos and streamed, live events. Events and videos may include graduations, sporting events, Convocations, etc. The Social Media Manager will coordinate captioning for social media sites as needed.


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