Calculus-Based Mechanics with Laboratory
March 19, 2015, 12-1p
Presenter: Dr. Galen P. Pickett


We have constructed a fully-online course (PHYS 151, "Mechanics and Heat") here at CSU Long Beach in connection with the "GE Science Online" course redesign project. The innovative element is the construction of fully online laboratories. These experiments are organized around the use of freely available motion-analysis software and an innovative social collaborative system called "". Here, students in the online course are grouped together, and effective virtual interactions are promoted. Students in the course design their own laboratories, which are then evaluated in a typical physical sciences process involving a proposal, the experiment itself, and then a peer-review stage. This method of including laboratory frees instructors and designers from the restrictions of brick-and-mortar facilities, and gives students a real taste of how exciting discovery and creativity in a physical sciences context can be.

Dr. Galen P. Pickett, Professor of Physics - CSU - Long Beach

Dr. Pickett completed physics degrees at MIT (BS, 1989) and the University of Chicago (1995) before joining the faculty of CSU Long Beach in 1999. He has been the undergraduate advisor in Physics since 2003, and was the Outstanding Faculty member of 2006.

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