CSU Virtual Labs RFP FAQ

What Gets Funding?

collapsedCan I request hardware such as a File Server or tablets through this RFP?

collapsedWe have a need for a Virtual Cadaver Table/Station for our Anatomy course. Would the RFP pay for virtual cadavers?

collapsedWe want to build a cloud computing environment to run virtual lab software for our network courses in software engineering and operating systems. Will the Virtual Labs RFP cover these costs?

collapsedCan support for Lab Technicians and/or research/teaching/graduate assistants be included in the proposal?

collapsedAre proposals for using virtual labs in STEM courses that are not on the list of 22 bottleneck courses welcome?

collapsedIs there a limit to how many proposals can be submitted per campus?

collapsedHow many proposals are expected to be awarded system-wide?

Submitting Proposals

collapsedIs there a budget template similar to Promising Course Redesign?

collapsedIs there a maximum amount that can be requested for a virtual labs proposal?

collapsedWhere can we find costs for commercial virtual labs (i.e., the CSU contract price)?

collapsedHow do I know what virtual labs are available for our faculty to adopt?


collapsedI know I need to participate in the Professional Learning Community (PLC) for Virtual Labs. When are the PLC webinars for virtual labs scheduled?

collapsedCan we extend virtual lab implementation deadline to spring 2016?

collapsedWhen must we implement virtual labs for classroom adoption?

collapsedCan students experience the virtual lab on-campus or must it be a completely off-campus lab experience?

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