Professional Learning Community on Virtual Labs


Faculty across the CSU are supported through the involvement in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) focused on adoption of virtual labs in STEM discipline and natural sciences. All STEM faculty in the CSU are encouraged to participate in these monthly teaching webinars on the use and adoption of virtual labs in the curricular. The webinars are a foundation for developing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and for those receiving CO funding, they will be required to participate in the PLC meetings. The sessions cover various components of a science lab course including experimentation, lab techniques, application of scientific methods, integration with in class lectures and others.

2014-2015 PLC Webinar Series on STEM / Virtual Labs

2015-2016 PLC Webinar Series on STEM / Virtual Labs

For those who can't attend the live webinars, each session will be archived so you can watch it at your convenience. The archives and also the slides for that webinar, will be posted on each individual webinar page once they are available.

Technical Note

Before you click on the link to enter the webinar, you can connect your cell phone headset/earbuds to your computer's headphones jack. This will give you a mic for speaking and better listening capabilities without broadcasting the session to your office mates from your computer speakers. We also suggest you plan to join the webinar early to make sure you can work through any technical glitches if you haven't used Blackboard Collaborate before.

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