Students use pedigree analysis to study the inheritance of genes for human genetic disorders and RFLP analysis to study recombination in humans. Using RFLPs as genetic markers, students search a simulated pedigree database to obtain recombination data that allows them to determine the location of human genes on chromosomes.

Discipline: genetics
Topic: human pedigree analysis, genetic disorders, genetic mapping
Product: Biology Labs On-Line
Vendor: Pearson Higher Education
Cost: $7.00 per year, site licensing available (ordering information)
Technical requirements: Java
Accessibility info: Pearson Accessibility Statement
Link to Lab: screen image tour
Reviews: none
MERLOT Resources: learning exercises, personal collections
Instructional materials: instructor and lab manuals available online from vendor
Description: Series of interactive, inquiry-based simulations and exercises designed for college level biology students.
Case studies: none available
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