LearnSmart Labs: Diffusion

Discipline: Biology
Topic: Diffusion
  • Diffusion In A Semi-Solid
  • Diffusion In A Liquid
  • Diffusion In Air
  • Diffusion Across A Selectively Permeable Membrane Osmosis
  • Osmosis Water Diffusion Over A Membrane
  • Tonicity In Red Blood Cells
  • Tonicity In Elodea Cells
  • Tonicity In Potato Strips
Product: LearnSmart Labs
Vendor: McGraw-Hill Education
Cost: $50 Direct from LearnSmart Labs
Technical requirements: Flash
Accessibility info: not provided
Link to Lab: LearnSmart Labs
Reviews: none
Instructional materials: LearnSmart Labs
Description: LearnSmart Labs is revolutionizing the lab experience by providing an adaptive, interactive, personalized lab experience that encourages students to theorize and experiment like scientists do. In the highly realistic LearnSmart Labs environment, students can practice the scientific method, safely develop and test hypotheses, and think critically about their findings before ever setting foot in a physical lab.
Case studies: none available
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