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The CSU Transforming Course Design (TCD) Project is a community of members – CSU faculty, staff, administrators – that share a common interest in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning through the use of Transforming Course Design .

The mission of this site is to create a "teaching commons," a collaborative space that facilitates and supports the use of TCD in the CSU with opportunities to increase knowledge, productivity, and professional effectiveness through sharing of pedagogical best practices, reports on current campus progress, ongoing research and by building an online community.

Planning, Piloting, and Sharing TCD Projects

TheTCD initiative supports campuses in their efforts to improve student learning outcomes and reduce instructional costs by supporting analysis of teaching and learning challenges and faculty-designed innovations in pedagogy.

Three phases help to guide the implementation of this strategy:  

  • PLAN – Faculty from pre-identified high-impact /low success courses work together to identify ways to improve student learning. Individually they commit to implementing some of these redesign elements in their course.
  • PILOT – Faculty teach and evaluate their redesigned course.
  • SHARE – Successfully redesigned course models are shared with CSU system faculty, department chairs, deans, and provosts.  Successful models are presented so as to be adaptable to meet needs on other campuses.

The chart below shows the current status of TCD implementation at the CSU.

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U.S. History

General Chemistry

Mathematical Methods
for Business


Developmental Math


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Systemwide TCD Reports

Interested in finding out how you can use TCD strategies to improve student learning in your course?. Check out the systemwide reports below for some ideats.


In this video, Kate Stevenson, a math professor at CSU Northridge talks about transforming her Math course.

Additional Resources

National Center for Academic Transformation logo
The National Center for Academic Transformation website has several examples of successful course redesign projects throughout the country.

CSU Chico seal The CSU Chico Academy is a course redesign project sponsored by the Provost and the Council of Academic Deans.