San Francisco State University: Innovative Outreach, Prevention or Treatment Programs

SF State Cares: Promoting a Healthy State of Mind:  Campus-wide, multimedia campaign focused on sustaining mental health, wellness, and stigma reduction. Incorporates incentives for participation, e.g., the photo contest “Show Us How You Promote a Healthy State of Mind.”

Student Success Program: Targets students preparing for careers in health, social, and community services. Wrap-around services include counseling, crisis intervention, academic support, peer mentorship, psychoeducational and support groups, didactic workshops, career planning, professional development, community building, and social activities.

We All Matter: Creating a Community of Caring: A regional suicide prevention conference scheduled for October 18, 2013.

Relationship Studies in the College and University: A new course focused on mental health and targeting students of color and those at risk of dropping out.

Mental Health Advocate Training:  A new course covering mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, sexual violence, substance use, stigma, peer education methods, working with students from diverse backgrounds, leadership skills, and advocacy for self and others. Utilizes the “Transitions and Resilience Series,” developed and implemented by students and staff representing veterans, people with disabilities, international students, and student leaders. Students subsequently create and implement their own workshops across campus.

Advanced Peer Education Internship: A course for students from Active Minds to enhance their peer counseling and education skills in order to inform the multicultural campus community about mental health awareness, suicide prevention and intervention, stigma reduction, and resources and referrals. Students developed and implemented a suicide prevention and intervention module titled HELP: How to Help a Friend, utilizing interactive skits, vignettes, and practice sessions.

SF Cares: Mental Health and Wellness Training: A concise training specific to the populations served at SF State covering ways of dealing with the most common or serious mental health related situations on campus; when, where, and how to refer; cultural considerations specific to SF State; and effective communication techniques.

Syllabus Campaign: Campaign to include entries on faculty syllabi to encourage the use of mental health services.

CSU Stanislaus

1. PEER Project - The PEER Project of CSU Stanislaus creates PREVENTION and EDUCATION related activities to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues and reduce risk of student suicide. It is our mission to EMPOWER students to recognize and support individuals who are at risk on our campus. We aim to increase awareness, promote wellness and acceptance, as well as create a safe environment in which students can find RELIEF.

2. Warriors 4 Warriors  - Assist student-veterans with navigating the academic environment through friendship, camaraderie and shared experiences to increase their success and engagement within the university.

3. LIFE Path a local community resource that is now located in the PEER project office on campus 2 to 3 days out the week. LIFE Path is available for student and faculty consult.  - LIFE Path offers effective treatment and support to youth and adults (14-25), experiencing early symptoms of psychosis. LIFE Path consists of mobile team members and can meet with family at home, school, and additional community locations. These services are available without regard to ability to pay!

4. Wellness Classroom Presentation – a thirty-minute presentation explaining the available resources on the campus and off the campus related to addressing mental health issues, stigma reduction and suicide prevention.

5.Wellness Workshops – various topics (decreasing anxiety, addressing depression, making healthy social connections, stress reduction, suicide prevention, tips for success, healthy life choices…) offered multiple times through out the semester. Topics are focused on learning effective skills that promote wellness in ones life.

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