Educational Resources: Underrepresented Populations in College (First Generation, Former Foster Youth, International, LGBTQ, Students of Color, Veterans)

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Underrepresented Students: Promising and Practical Strategies, US Dept of Education

Strategies to Help Underrepresented Students (2001): Provides Demographics by region, CSUs, UCs; Strategies; Articles & Documents; Skyline Programs

Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality, American Psychological Association

Also see Underrepresented Populations Resource Page, MHAP

Bibliography: Underrepresented Students, compiled by David Perez II, PennState

Learning Outcomes of Underrepresented Students, The Council of Independent Colleges

First Generation College Students:

Amaya, Ismael (2010), How First-Generation College and Underrepresented Students Can Overcome Obstacles to Attaining a College Education: Handbook for a New Family Tradition, Master's, Texas Sate University-San Marcos

Hanlon, M. (2004). Getting in is the Easy Part: Focusing College Admissions Counseling on College Success.

McKay, Valerie C. & Estrella, Jeremy (2008), First-Generation Student Success: The Role of Faculty Interactin in Service Learning Courses, Communication Education, Vol 57, No 3

Orbe, Mark P. (2004), Negotiating multiple identities within mulitple frames: an analysis of first-generation college students, Communication Education, Vol 53, No 2

Stuber, Jenny M. (2011), Integrated, marginal, and resilient: race, class, and the diverse experiences of white first-generation college students, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Vol 24, No 1.

Former Foster Youth:

Dworksy, Amy and Perez, Alfred (2010), Helping former foster youth graduate from college through campus support programs, Children and Youth Services Review, Vol 32, No 2, p 255-263.

Okpych, Nathanael (2012), Policy framework supporting youth aging-out of foster care through college: Review and recommendations, Children and Youth Services Review, Vol 34, No 7, p 1390-1396

International Students:

Fritz, Maria Vafors et al (2008), Stressors, anxiety, acculturation and adjustment among international and North American students, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Vol 32, No 3, p 244-259

Zhang, Jing and Goodson, Patricia (2011), Predictors of interantional students' psychosocial adjustment to life in the United States: A systematic review, Journal of Intercultural Relations, Vol 35, No 2, p 139-162.


Diamond, Gary M. et al. (2011), How Depressed and Suicidal Sexual Minority Adolescents Understand the Causes of their Distress, Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, Vol 15, No 2

Gomillion, Sarah C. and Giulano, Traci A (2011), The Influence of Media Role Models on Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Identity, Journal of Homosexuality, Vol 58, No 3

Haas, Ann, P. et al (2010), Suicide and Suicide Risk in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations: Review and Recommendations, Journal of Homosexuality, Vol 58, No 1

Holland, Laurel et al. (2013), "That's So Gay!" Exploring College Students' Attitudes Toward the LGBT Population, Journal of Homosexuality, Vol 60, No 4

First Generation:

Jehangir, R. R. (2010).  Higher Education and First-Generation Students: Cultivating Community, Voice and Place for the New Majority. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Pattengale, J.A. (2010). The Purpose-Guided Student: Dream to Succeed. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies.

Who We Are: First Generation College Students College Students Speak Out, Diversity & Higher Education (1 of 15 videos in series)

International Students:

6 Challenges for Interantional Students in College by Katy Hopkins, Aug 2012


Coming Out on Campus, video by College & Sex Health Guru

Students of Color:

Meyer, Dixie D. and Cottone, R. Rocco (2013), Solution-Focused Therapy as a Culturally Acknowledging Approach with American Indians, Journal of Multicutural Counseling and Development, Vol, 41, no. 1, p. 47-55

Diversity and Higher Education Channel, contains 15 videos, including:


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