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Presentations, Videos, & Teachings

Sleep on MedlinePlus: includes sleep disorders, sleep apnea, tips for good sleep, sleep-deprivation, etc.

Sleep Disorders on MentalHelp.Net: information and resources on Sleep Disorders.

Also see Sleep Resource Page, MHAP

Abstracts in Journal of Sleep Research, Special Issue: Abstracts of the 21st Congress of the European Sleep Research Society, 4-8 Sept 2012, Paris, France, Vol. 21, No. s1, p. 1-371

Buysse, Daniel (2013), Insomnia, In Clinical Crossroads, JAMA, February 20, 2013—Vol 309, No. 7.

Orzech, Kathryn M. et al. (2011), The State of Sleep Among College Students at a Large Public University, Journal of American College Health, Vol 59, No 7, p 612-619.

Troxel, Wendy M. et al. (2012), Insomnia and Objectively Measured Sleep Disturbances Predict Treatment Outcome in Depressed Patients Treated with Psychotherapy or Psychotherapy-Pharmacotherapy Combinations, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, v. 73, no. 4, Apr. 2012, p. 478-485.

Jesse Gamble on “Our natural sleep cycle” (a TED talk)

Assessment of the Sleep Patient: A Virtual Clinic: a program, based on the "Virtual Practicum" model, that is intended for health care professionalswho may encounter patients who present with problem sleepiness.

Insomnia treatment: Cognitive behavioral therapy instead of sleeping pills, Mayo Clinic


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