Educational Resources: Sexualized Violence

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Child Sexual Abuse, National Institute of Health

Sexual Abuse, American Psychological Association

Sexual Violence, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Also see Sexualized Violence Resource Page, MHAP

Talbot, Kimberly K. et al. (2010), Rape-Accepting Attitudes of University Undergraduate Students, Journal of Forensic Nursing, Vol. 6, No. 4, p. 170-179, Dec. 2010

Banyard, Victoria et al. (2003), Bystander Education: Bringing a Broader Community Perspective to Sexual Violence Prevention, Journal of Community Psychology, Vol. 32, No. 1, p. 61-79, Jan 2004

Also see Violence Prevention below.

Group Therapy Helps Rape Victims in Poor Countries, by Gene Emery in Reuters Health

Sexual Problems May Linger After Rape, by Kathryn Doyle in Reuters Health


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