There are two types of templates available for use.

  • Right-Column Template
  • Left-Column Template

Right-Column Template

Right-column template is used for two areas:

  • Site's home page
  • Category's home page (i.e. Teaching Resources, Campus Projects, etc.)

Diagram of the right-column template which has a right column that consists of modules and the main content area.

The main content area is where the main text goes. On the right column, page modules are used to introduce other highlights of interests within and outside the site. Such modules include “News,” “Volunteer,” “Join Our Listserv,” etc.

Left-Column Template

Left-column template is used for:

  • Category's sublevel pages

Left-column template is used for the category’s sublevel pages. For example, under the category Teaching Resource, International Business is a subcategory, which is a sublevel page. A left-column template should be used.

A diagram of the left-column template that shows the left column containing the local navigation and to its right is the main content area.
Left-column template is consisited of a left navigation in the left column and the main content area. The left navigation is used for accessing pages within the category.

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