Global Navigation

The Global Navigation Module acts as the navigation menu for categories within the web site. Tabs may be titled according to site needs. The tab highlighted in orange reflects the page that is currently displayed.

Local Navigation

The Local Navigation Module provides a menu of links that will remain displayed towards the left margin of a page no matter which of the menu choices are chosen. Each of the pages associated with the menu enable full content editability including title information, text content, and image display.

External Navigation

The External Navigation Module acts as an integrated secondary menu to direct users directly to MERLOT functions. Each link on the external navigation module will take the user to page or service on the MERLOT website that is listed as the link’s title.

When a user accesses one of the linked MERLOT pages, this page will be opened within a new browser window. The search function that is embedded within the external navigation module remotely searches your discipline's MERLOT and returns results from the MERLOT website.

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