Quick Guide

For those of you who know how Adobe Dreamweaver and Contribute work, you can use this guide to set up a Teaching Commons. This page is not a how-to-do; it is a what-to-do.

First, set up a Dreamweaver site...

A Teaching Commons is best managed through Dreamweaver's site management utility. First, create a site definition with the following information:

  1. Use the tc_package folder as your "Local root folder".
  2. Connect this to your server in the location of your choice, specified by what you enter as your "Host directory".
  3. Make sure to uncheck the "Don't rewrite document relative paths" option, located under the "Templates" section of your site definition.

Second, set up a Contribute connection to your site...

We would like faculty members to edit the Teaching Commons site through Contribute, so we will create a specialized Contribute connection to the site.

  1. Create a new connection using "My Connections"
  2. Fill out the form according to your server and assign yourself the Administrator role

Third, send connection keys to you colleagues...

Sending connection keys to your colleagues allows them to edit the site according to the role you assign them.

  1. Select your Teaching Commons site in the "Administer Websites" dialogue box and click "Send Connection Key..."
  2. Your colleagues can either connection with your ftp account (your username/password, but never shown to them), or you can use a different account. Check with your system administrator to see what they think you should do.
  3. Fill out the form. Since ftp account information is embedded within this key, Contribute encrypts this information and uses a "passphrase" to decrypt it. Fill in a passphrase and tell your colleague what this passphrase is, but DO NOT write this passphrase in the connection key email.
  4. Email the key to your colleague.

(For recipients of Contribute Connection Keys) Connect to the site using the connection key you received in an email...

If you have received a Contribute Connection key in an email, that means that an administrator of a Teaching Commons site is giving you the ability to edit the site (according to the role that they assigned you). You will also need a special "passphrase" to use the key, which the administrator will give you.

  1. Download the connection key from your email.
  2. Using Contribute's "My Connections" dialogue box, "Import" the key you downloaded and enter in your information, including that passphrase that your administrator gave you.
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