Editing Templates

This area is for learning how to edit templates for your Teaching Commons site in the proper fashion.

Steps for editing templates

What to change...

The templates for this generic Teaching Commons package have markers throughout their code to make it easier to transform the site into a specific Commons. For example, you may have noticed how the title for all of the pages starts with Teaching [COMMONS] in the CSU: and this certainly needs to change on all of the templates. There are several other markers that also need to be reviewed and changed according to your specific needs.

A word about editing templates...

It is important to understand that only "non-editable regions" within a template are reflected on those pages who use that template. The "editable regions" do, though, show up the first time the page is made with the template. For example, changing the attributes within the <title></title> tag on a template will NOT be reflected on .html pages that already exist. Why? Because it is not within a non-editable region. The navigational tabs (Home, Resources, etc.) are in a non-editable region, so those WILL be reflected on the .html pages that use that template.

Modifying the templates to suit your fancy...

Using Dreamweaver's Find and Replace functionality is the easiest way to make edits that need to be applied to multiple pages in the exact same fashion. Here is a list of the markers that need to be examined for modification:

[COMMONS] -- replace with the name of your community's practice (i.e ePortfolio)

[Discipline 1] -- replace all of these with MERLOT's disciplines, if any

[Discipline 2]

[Discipline 3]

[Discipline 4]

[Subdiscipline 1] -- replace all of thesewith MERLOT's subdisciplines, if any 

[Subdiscipline 2]

[Subdiscipline 3]

[Subdiscipline 4]

Module #1 -- replace with the title of each module according to its purpose

#link -- suffix of most links, delete once the link has been examined

Remember, you must PUT the Templates/ folder AND the tc/ folder to make the changes live and to keep the freshest copy of these files on the server.


Have fun! 

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