This area provides examples and links useful for assessment in the CSU using online resources. CSU faculty can learn how peers on different campuses are using assessment resources. Here we can feature exemplary practices that illustrate how CSU faculty can enhance their teaching and learning process with assessment of student learning. In addition, links to useful sites for writing student learning outcomes are also provided.

Assessment Reports


Here are various assessment reports from different departments in different colleges. These reports are an example of the process of assessment done by the faculty in CSULB.

By clicking on the below links, you will be directed to the Merlot page where you will find the assessment report. Any comments and suggestions will help us improve our material. You can post your comments in the comments area when you click the above links.

College of Arts

College of Business Administration

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Health and Human Service

College of Liberal Arts

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Contact your university assessment co-ordinators for further instructions or suggestions.

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Here is the direct link to Merlot Assessment Pages:


How to add your materials:

-Log into your Merlot account (If you don't have one, go ahead and join in..its easy and FREE!!)

- On the right column is a maroon header labeled “Participate” and below are two boxes to put the title and the url of your contribution.

-Fill in the details of your material by following the steps. Once you submit it you will get a confirmation of your submission.


ePortfolios are being used by a variety of CSU campuses within a variety of schools. ePortfolios are a way to put selected information up on a website, and sometimes they are a digital repository, allowing the users to build web-pages (websites) with specific content. ePORTFOLIO is a dedicated site which helps CSU faculty, staff, administrators to learn more about this.