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"Baccalaureate programs engage students in an integrated course of study … to prepare them for work, citizenship, and a fulfilling life. These programs also ensure the development of core learning abilities and competencies including … college-level written and oral communication; college level quantitative skills; information literacy…”  (WASC Handbook of Accreditation, Standard 2, Section 2.2a, p. 8, Updated 2/22/08)

Information and ICT Literacy in the CSU is a community of practice for CSU discipline faculty, library faculty, administrators and stakeholders who share a common interest in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning for CSU students so that they will graduate with the necessary critical information abilities and skills to be  successful information producers and consumers.

Internet Librarian 2011:
Opening Keynote (John Seely Brown)

The entrepreneurial learner—people constantly wanting to learn new things in a world full of constant change.  How do we cultivate that kind of spirit in today’s kids and perhaps even ourselves.

Up until the last 5-15 years, the infrastructures we’ve experienced—steam, electrification, etc.—have all had an S curve of development.  Quick innovation and then long periods of stability, which is when we reinvent the new social practices of how to operate.  The digital universe, however, doesn’t follow the S curve pattern…It’s a continuously increasing upswing, with no time of stability to settle down. Read More

How do college students manage and use technology while they are in the library during the final weeks of the term?

-- Findings from 560 undergraduate interviews conducted at 10 U.S. campuses during Spring 2011

Project Information Literacy

A Large-scale study about early adults and their research habits.

Informing innovation in California community colleges: the 2011 LYES pilot report
Podcast/Press Release: Digital literacty is key to unlocking the value of online resources says the HEA and JISC

A new report ‘The value of reuse of open educational resources’ produced by the HEA and JISC, highlights the need to support learners and academic staff alike in the referencing and the reuse of online resources....

The ERIAL (Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries) Project

ERIAL is a collaborative effort of five Illinois universities:  DePaul University, Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU), Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS).

What Students Don't Know

CHICAGO -- For a stranger, the main library at the University of Illinois at Chicago can be hard to find. The directions I got from a pair of clerks at the credit union in the student center have proven unreliable. I now find myself adrift among ash trees and drab geometric buildings.
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TIP: As an alternative to Inspiration, the visual thinking and learning tool, try Bubbl, a free brainstorming resource that helps students identify topics and keywords or related terms with concept maps.

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