CSU Teaching Commons Guide

CSU Teaching Commons sites exemplify the Carnegie Foundation's idea of a “teaching commons” in which a community of faculty within a discipline that are committed to enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning can exchange ideas, best practices, discuss policy changes, and promote pedagogical innovations for their students.

The Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) has developed several CSU Teaching Commons sites for various disciplines within the CSU:

Creating a CSU Teaching Commons site with CDL

woman shaking handsOur Team: The CDL will set up your website for you, add your content, and host the site. We can customize the top banner for you and rename the tab sections to your specifications. And we offer technical assistance for Adobe Contribute.

Your Team: Your team will be responsible for planning the website, writing the content, and maintaining the website. You will need a dedicated staff member to update the site with Adobe Contribute who is familiar with CSU accessibility requirements (see sidebars for more information).

Roadmap to Success shows an overview of the process. Planning Your Website will give you idea how much time and effort planning your website will take. Getting Started introduces an overview of Contribute and some important web design concepts.

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Using Adobe Contribute

With Adobe Contribute you'll be able to add content to your website yourself without any technical knowledge of website programming.

Contribute is designed to limit user access to the main content area of the page only, so users can't accidentally break the layout or navigation.

You won't be able to make design changes to the website, but you will be able to edit the text and upload pictures and documents.

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Accessibility Requirements

Websites within the CSU system are required to comply with accessibility guidelines which ensure all online information is made equally accessible to individuals with disabilities. All individuals with editing access to a CSU Teaching Commons site should be familiar with these requirements.

The CDL does not monitor CSU Teaching Commons sites for compliance to these requirements, or interpret or explain the guidelines enacted by the CSU. Please refer to our accessibility help page for more information.