About the General Education and Student Engagement site and "Give Students a Compass" Initiative

"Give Students a Compass, Phase II" ("Compass II") is an initiative to increase the relevance, integration, and real-life application of the general education (GE) transfer curriculum in California by infusing it with high-impact educational practices such as service-learning, learning communities, first-year experiences, and collaboration with faculty on research. To review the principles, phases, steering committee information and reports, visit the CSU "Compass" website.

Give Students a Compass Conferences


2015:  New Paradigms and Pathways in General Education

         February 12-14, 2015, California State University, Sacramento

         The culminating conference of Give Students a Compass

2013: The Future of General Education

2012: Engaging from the Start

2011: Making General Education Relevant

2010: General Education in California

2009: California Convening

Pilot and Networking Sites

List of pilot and networking sites (PDF)

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