ePortfolio Day of Planning

Panel Discussion

During this time of shrinking budgets, increased accountability, and measuring student learning outcomes, every institution, school, department, or classroom has a different reason for adopting ePortfolios. Each person selected for this panel has a unique perspective. Their experiences and roles vary and as you listen to their story you will find new insights and motivations supporting adoption.

As a university administrator managing resources, Maggie Beers will cover the operational piece of implementation on one campus with many options. Helen Chen, well known in the ePortfolio community, brings years of intense and in-depth research to share. Lynne Groves from MnSCU's Office of the Chancellor represents Minnesota - the first state to adopt a statewide initiative to support ePortfolios for everyone who lives there. Ken O'Donnell from the California State University Chancellor's Office looks at ePortfolios in relation to academic programming - specifically General Education. John Whitmer from the California Virtual Campus coordinates a pilot program to develop ePortfolio services for K-20 institutions across California.

Discussions regarding high impact solutions, transforming course design, student pathways (academic and professional), accountability, and assessment - all of today's buzzwords - usually include some mention of ePortfolios. Many on this panel have worked with the AAC&U and/or with accreditation agencies and their experiences will help form an understanding of the broader and deeper impact of ePortfolios on campus practices and operations.

Maggie Beers
Helen Chen
Lynne Groves
Ken O'Donnell
John Whitmer