ePortfolio Day of Planning


Mapping and creating an ePortfolio culture help prepare for a successful implementation with common agreement between stakeholders. This session will provide strategies and tools to implement ePortfolios at your institution or school. After defining your ePortfolio goals and priorities, you will develop steps and elements for adoption.

Implementation Presentation (PDF)

Helen Chen
Una Daly
Kevin Kelly
John Whitmer

Subjects Include:

  • Creating a guiding coalition- support from institutional leaders
  • Conducting a needs assessment survey - listening to stakeholders / faculty
  • Defining a clear vision
  • Building momentum & branding - short-term successes, communication strategies
  • Managing resources - adoption rate & how do you scale this out?
  • Investigating integrated service models
  • Running a cost analysis
  • Evaluating programs and revisiting decisions
  • Assessing artifacts from AAC&U

Hands-on workshop with instruction followed by time on task

Guiding Questions (DOC)