ePortfolio Day of Planning

Creating an ePortfolio Culture

An ePortfolio culture in higher-education shares an underlying set of beliefs and assumptions, a common language, and core educational practices, as manifested in the collective artifacts that it produces. Given the diversity of experiences that characterize our post-secondary institutions, is it even possible to consciously create an ePortfolio culture, and if so, where should we begin? Applying Everett Roger's diffusion of innovation framework, this interactive workshop will present case studies on how two higher educational institutions have attempted to create ePortfolio cultures, one from the bottom-up, the other from the top-down. Drawing on lessons learned, participants will leave with the beginnings of an action plan to not only diffuse ePortfolio innovations at their home institutions, but also move towards embedding ePortfolios into the everyday practice, and culture, of their campuses.

Culture Presentation (PDF)
References for Culture Presentation (PDF)
Culture Poster (PDF)

Culture Posters Created by:
Valia Spiliotopoulos, Ph.D., Associate Director, Learning & Teaching Centre, University of Victoria, Canada
Kathy Siedlaczek, M.A. Instructional Development Consultant, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Maggie Beers
Kevin Kelly

Hands-on workshop with instruction followed by time on task

Poster – side 1 (PDF)
Poster – side 2 (PDF)
Worksheet (DOC)