From the Summit to the Grasslands: Mapping national and institutional strategic planning goals to student artifacts through ePortfolio assessment

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Maggie Beers
Linda Buckley
Gail Evans

Dr. Maggie Beers is Director of Academic Technology at San Francisco State University where she coordinates visioning, planning and implementation of Academic Technology. She oversees the units that provide services, and best practices, for online learning and teaching, audiovisual equipment, enhanced classrooms, and instructional media and web development.

Linda C. Buckley, Ph.D., Associate VP of Academic Planning and Educational Effectiveness at SFSU, is responsible for academic program review, assessment, and accreditation. She was a full Professor in English, teaching courses in sociolinguistics, language/grammar, and TESOL teacher training. Her current projects include institutional reaccreditation with WASC, development of the Office of Academic Institutional Research, and implementing a new structure for program review assessment.

Gail G. Evans, Dean of Undergraduate Studies at SF State, received a B.S. from San Josť State University, M.S. and Ph.D. from Washington State University. She has made numerous presentations at national and state meetings on undergraduate curricular issues, including general education, assessment, and integrative learning.

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