Become a MERLOT Member

Membership in MERLOT is free and being a Member of MERLOT offers many benefits. As one of over 60,000 this link opens in a new window faculty, staff, students, administrators or librarians who are Members of MERLOT, you can:

  • Contribute Learning Materials.
  • Write comments about a learning resource you've used and tell others about its value.
  • Add an Assignment to a Learning Material.
  • Develop a profile to help others in your community know more about you.
  • Create your own Personal Collections of Learning Materials to use in the classroom.
  • Become a Peer Reviewer of the Learning Materials in your discipline.
  • Join the Virtual Speakers Bureau and share your knowledge of different subjects with others.

Most importantly, you can contribute to the growing community of your peers who participate in MERLOT.

We invite you to Browse this link opens in a new window through the MERLOT Collection of Learning Materials or visit our MERLOT Communities this link opens in a new window. You can see for yourself how you might benefit from joining MERLOT.

While the majority of MERLOT members are faculty/instructors, many students, campus administrators, faculty developers, librarians, and other members of higher education who are concerned with online learning materials, technology, teaching and learning, and innovation have joined MERLOT.

Membership is free so Join this link opens in a new window MERLOT today!

Contribute to MERLOT

Adding items to MERLOT is easy. After you join, on the right column is a maroon header labeled “Participate” and below are two boxes to put the title and the url of your contribution. Please watch this short PowerPoint tutorial.

Personal Collections

Create a personal collection to collect materials and share with other Members. A Personal Collection this link opens in a new window is a compilation of MERLOT modules that MERLOT Members can access easily to use for specific purposes, classes or topics. The owner of the Personal Collection can annotate each collection to more easily explain the purpose of it.

Add Comments

Comments are observations of individuals who have either used the module or just reviewed it. Any Member of MERLOT can make a Comment. The contributor of the Comment is asked to rate the module from one to five stars and is also asked to indicate if it has been used in the classroom. A Comment requires remarks as well as the star rating. As with assignments, materials that have member comments posted this link opens in a new window can be found through an advanced search in MERLOT.

The CSU ePortfolio Teaching Commons

Share your campus projects on this website. Here the spotlight is on the achievements and activities of CSU ePortfolio faculty and staff that are advancing the field of teaching using online resources. Send case studies and information about ePortfolio activity on your campus to me ( to have them added to the Teaching Commons.

The Advisory Council

The advisory group folks are from a variety of campuses, represent different areas, and use a good sample of products. Please see more information about the committee on the “About Us” tab. If you are interested in joining the council, please contact me at

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