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  • Kevin Kelly
    Online Teaching & Learning Coordinator
    Academic Technology

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Campus Projects

Design and development of an ePortfolio program, based on results from a campus-wide Needs Assessment. This project is organized and facilitated by the Academic Technology unit. San Francisco State has used portfolio-informed assessment practices in several disciplines for decades. This project will investigate, reflect upon, document, and share its findings concerning best practices in developing and using electronic portfolios for career bridging, and assessing student performance. The project also involves seeking a tool (and project funding) that can meet the majority of campus needs as defined in the report.

An overview of departmental projects can be found at: link opens new window, including:

In addition to several hosted solutions, many departments require capstone portfolios on DVD/CD, or paper. We are currently experimenting with running KEEP toolkit on our campus, and have created link opens new windowas a way to support students who will use their SFSU webspace to make ePortfolios, including 800 business students this year. We are also actively engaged in a northern California consortium of CSU/Community colleges, and host 2 ILearn environments dedicated to ePortfolio communities of practice.

Featured in Nov. 2008 newsletter: San Francisco State has completed a comprehensive report (pdf) on ePortfolio Development. The report includes an Integrated Faculty and Student Support Model, plans for their updated website, and a Case Study on selecting an open source ePortfolio tool. This fall they will use eFolio for a pilot project involving five sections of Liberal Studies, with a two year commitment for capstone projects -- they will provide periodic updates. Kevin Kelly attended this summer's ePac meeting to share their progress, and Ruth Cox of SFSU was the keynote speaker at the eFolio Summit in Minnesota.

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AAC&U link opens new window is conducting a research and campus-based initiative designed to make the essential learning outcomes central to the educational experience. SF State has been chosen as a Leadership Campus for our work with ePortfolios.

The project will generate leadership, recommendations, examples of best practices and curricular designs, and an assessment framework, all designed to build campus capacity to:

  • articulate the aims and importance of the essential learning outcomes;
  • intentionally foster their achievement across the curriculum; and
  • use cumulative assessments, especially e-portfolios, to both measure student progress and improve practices for achieving these outcomes.

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