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ePortfolio Liaisons

Campus Projects

Development and implementation of the CSUS e-portfolio involved extensive faculty collaboration, planning, execution, support and resources. In addition, the evaluation of the electronic portfolio system is also conducted periodically at CSUS in order to improve the implementation and to identify any challenge. In designing the electronic portfolio structure, faculty choose specific signature assignments, aligned with the Teaching Performance Expectations, that they believed are representative of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to become an effective teacher.  These signature assignments and corresponding artifacts are the organizational structure for the electronic portfolio.  The signature assignments are supported and assessed embedded within the courses through which they were assigned. Students are required to subscribe to TaskStream. Technology support for creating the e-portfolio is provided in a technology lab and workshops.

Over the course of one year faculty met in course like groups to design the signature assignment descriptions, learning outcomes and assessment rubrics. Periodically faculty came together at program meetings to share the results with the whole group and determine how the assignments connected together and were sequenced across the program to guide candidates to the summative solo teaching weeks.

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