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From April 2009 ePortfolio Newsletter

ePortfolios are available at CSU Fullerton!

Blackboard ePortfolio is an option for the campus at large. This ePortfolio tool can be used to create multiple versions of an ePortfolio. Students can reflect their culminating scholarly activities in a course or use it as an interview tool to showcase their academic and career potential. All staff members can use it as a means to record their professional development, career accomplishments, and update their resumes and it can be used to document a faculty member’s courses, faculty development progress, and maintain updated CV’s. ePortfolios completed in Blackboard are convenient to maintain, easy to access, simple to create, and may be exported as an independent webpage.

The Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education in the College of Education integrates Task Stream into the curriculum. Task Stream allows people to create, share, and deploy ePortfolios. Students who are enrolled in the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program are encouraged to create an ePortfolio of their accomplishments in the program.

The Master of Science in Instructional Design (MSIDT), a fully online Master of Science degree that focuses on instructional and technology, has students use the Blackboard ePortfolio tools and create an ePortfolio as a course requirement. They distribute completed ePortfolios to their classmates. Each classmate reviews the content and comments on the achievements of their peers.

As with any technology resources it takes time to accept and implement the technology on a large scale, however, as highlighted in this article many faculty, staff and students creating ePortfolios available on campus. For more information contact Cynthia Gautreau, Ed. D. at

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