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Using ePortfolios for Outcomes Assessment – Since special education does not use TPE’s, ePortfolios will be utilized so that M.A. and Credential Special Education students will create an authentic assessment instrument (the ePortfolio) that will furnish evidence of their level of mastery of CCTC and NCATE Standards. Each course has a key assignment that allows the instructor and student to assess mastery of a discrete Standard using a scoring rubric. The assignment is kept in the portfolio with student reflections regarding the Standard, induction plan, dispositions, professional development activities, and other artifacts to show student development over time. The aggregate scores for each class activity that measure level of mastery for discrete CCTC and NCATE Standards are sent to the Director who will use these data in combination with other assessment instruments to share with faculty to guide program improvement and for use in institutional reports. At graduation, the student has evidence of level of mastery of applicable Standards and a professional portfolio.

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This is an emerging project – 2007-08 – Pilot Level II ePortfolio, 2008-09 Level II ePortfolio, Pilot Level I ePortfolio, 2009-10 Full implementation of ePortfolio as part of Outcomes Assessment for Level I and Level II Specialist Credential and M.A. Programs.

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