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Teacher Ed

Campus Projects

The Special Ed Intern Program is using Taskstream to develop e portfolios. The Multiple and Single Subject Programs will be using Taskstream as well. Taskstream will provide the following components for TED:

  • A unit builder
  • A lesson builder
  • A rubric wizard
  • Standards Manager
  • Web Folio Builder
  • Web Page Builder
  • Memory for storage of documents, including video
  • Evaluation tools - statistical, with summary reports for multiple evaluators
  • Alignment for PACT and NCATE standards

An upcoming Task Force Meeting will be with Susan O'Hara, from CSU Sacramento, to plan for our two-day faculty training/retreat on April 26 and 27. On April 26th, Susan O'Hara will spend the entire day training faculty to use Taskstream.

Campus LMS


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