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The CSU ePortfolio Project is a community of members – CSU faculty, staff, administrators – that share a common interest in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning through the use of ePortfolios.

About ePortfolios in the CSU

Why does one have a portfolio? To show off your stuff, right? Or to have a place where you can keep things - a storage chest of sorts - where you can store things and find them later. Sometimes students put together binders so they can turn them in for grades, but really one would want to encourage and to have an ePortfolio for the long term. ePortfolios are being used by a variety of CSU campuses within a variety of schools. ePortfolios are sometimes just a way to put selected information up on a website, and sometimes they are a digital repository, allowing the users to build web-pages (websites) with specific content. ePortfolio vendors usually allow secure and selective access to the websites, and some vendors provide report writing. Goals vary for each CSU case, but one common use is reporting for accreditation purposes, making the report writing a 'must have' for most.

See the Concept Map link opens new window to get an idea of a broad system, and check out the Resources page for more support documentation.

Getting Started

The most important thing to do before you decide on an ePortfolio system is to figure out what your goal is. What do you want the stakeholders to get: Students? Faculty? School? Institutions? (See the Concept Map link opens new window)


If you know you/your school/your institution wants an ePortfolio system then it's time to figure out what the requirements are -- what you want IN an ePortfolios system. Know your user; know your user's needs. Review ePortflios the Getting Started section so you know the theories behind what an ePortfolio system can offer. (See the Concept Map link opens new window)


Once you've decided on the product, you need to make a plan like every other software installation or adoption. If you are hosting the servers yourself you can go right into the adoption planning.


Accreditation agencies have become more outcome driven, requiring examples of student learning as well as an aggregation of assessment data for internal program evaluation. Some vendor products are design to help with accreditation, so choose carefully.

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Events/Professional Development 2010

June 28 - July 2, 2010 ED-MEDIAlink opens new window Toronto, Canada - Submissions due 12/18/09

July 5 - 7, 2010 EIfEL Learning Forum Londonlink opens new window, at the Institute of Electrical Engineers, 2 Savoy Place, London, United Kingdom

July 19 - 21, 2010 AAEEBL annual conferencelink opens new window, Boston Conference and Exhibition Center

November 10 -13, 2010 WCET, La Jolla, CA

PAST Event:
ePortfolios West Coast Summit - Day of Dialogue
took place at San Francisco State University - Downtown Center Feb. 25, 2009 See the schedule and link to the presentations.

August 5 and 6, 2009 eFolio Summit in Minnesota. Visit the eFolio Summit site link opens new window for more information.

August 13, 2009 ePortfolio Day of Planninglink opens new window, San Jose, CA - preceding the MIC

August 13 - 16, MERLOT International Conference 2009 link opens new window in San Jose, California, with "Teaching and Learning in a Networked world."

Other Events link opens new window

Professional Development

Important Links

The MERLOT ePortfolio Portal link opens new windowis an educational resource for teaching and learning. Check out events (in Beyond MERLOT) and a fine collection of examples and showcase ePortfolios.

San Francisco State University - stellar ePortfolio site link opens new window .

EPAC Community of Practice link opens new window has been a leading resource on electronic portfolios since October 2002. 

The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research link opens new window advances the body of knowledge about impacts of electronic portfolio use on student learning and educational outcomes. The CSU - specifically San Jose State University and San Francisco State University - was proud to be part of iNCEPR link opens new window Cohort III.