CSU System Projects

The CSU offers services for its faculty and staff to enhance teaching and learning within the system.

Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT)

Literacy Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy is increasingly recognized as an essential foundational skill necessary for student success in the university and in the workplace. ICT Literacy is a blend of basic computer and information technology skills and the higher-order cognitive skills of information literacy, the ability to find, evaluate and use information resources. The CSU in collaboration with several other universities and the Educational Testing Service has developed a valid and reliable assessment tool for measuring and diagnosing student's ICT literacy skills. The assessment is an interative computer- and performance-based test that uses simulated real-world scenarios to measure how students go about using information technology and resources to solve problems. The test is now available for use by CSU campuses. more

Technology Accessibility

Learn how to make your teaching with technology accessible for all students (complying with section 508 and California laws), and learn more about CSU policies on accessibility.

For more information about creating and using accessible content, see collection of materials in MERLOT at http://www.merlot.org/merlot/materials.htm?category=2296.

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Academic Technology Services Initiatives

The CSU System is supporting a number of initiatives to support campus planning and implementation of academic technology services. You can learn more about these initiatives at: www.calstate.edu/ats