Professional Development

Teaching with online resources is recognized by the CSU as an important area of professional development. In this area, faculty can contribute, share and utilize resources-publications, articles, conferences-- that address professional development as it pertains to teaching with technology and online resources, digital scholarship, and strategies for retention, tenure and promotion.

Technology and Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP)

There are a variety of ways to receive recognition for your expertise and accomplishments in teaching with technology within the CSU's retention, tenure, and promotion process. The CSU Teaching Business Council has summarized these strategies for your consideration. more

MERLOT also offers faculty various ways to receive recognition for innovations in teaching, especially when it comes to retention, tenure and promotion. Here's a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the way MERLOT can support the recognition of your expertise and accomplishments in teaching with technology within the CSU's retention, tenure, and promtion process.

Professional Organizations & Societies

Find links to professional organizations and societies in your business discipline. more

Publications by CSU Business Members

In this area of CSU Business, faculty can post and share their publications relevant to scholarship of teaching and learning, teaching with technology, and other pedagogical issues. more


Have you as a CSU faculty member presented a paper, participated in symposia, or been invited to speak about issues related to teaching business with online resources?


Campus Professional Development Events

What you can do in the CSU to learn more about teaching with technology -- list CSU professional development activities. Contribute now.

Student-centered Teaching Strategies by CSU faculty (ELIXR)

To develop and test new social and technology infrastructures that will enable collaborations amongst faculty development centers and online resource repositories, for the development, sharing and use of discipline-oriented resources which illustrate exemplary teaching practices and which also support faculty in using those practices to enhance student learning.

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CSU Professional Development Centers for Faculty

Each CSU campus has a center to support your professional development in teaching and learning. Here's the links to all these centers so you can seek the support you need from the poeople who can help. more


Interested in becoming a reviewer of online teaching modules in the business disciplines? Find out more about how to become involved as a peer reviewer for MERLOT's Business Editorial Board. Volunteer