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Teaching Business in the CSU is a community of members – CSU faculty, staff, administrators – that share a common interest in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning business disciplines with online resources. The mission of this site is to create a "teaching commons," a collaborative space that facilitates and supports CSU business faculty by increasing their knowledge, productivity, and professional effectiveness through sharing of pedagogical best practices, digital learning materials, and by building an online CSU Teaching Business community.


Teaching Business in the CSU exemplifies the The Carnegie Foundation's idea of a "teaching commons" in which a community of faculty within a discipline that are committed to enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning can exchange ideas, best practices, discuss policy changes, and promote pedagogical innovations for their students.

The idea of a teaching commons is not new to academia. Faculty engaged in scientific research and disciplinary scholarship have long enjoyed collegial interactions and gained professional recognition through their participation in conferences and symposia, but teaching has remained for the most part an isolated and private activity.

A CSU-MERLOT Partnership:  CSU Business faculty can gain access to peer reviewed digital learning materials in their disciplines available through the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT). MERLOT (www.merlot.org) was created in 1997 by the CSU to help faculty and students share high quality online content and pedagogy. Under the CSU's leadership, MERLOT has grown to an international consortium of education institutions, professional societies, digital libraries, and corporations. more


  • Share best practices for teaching and learning across courses
  • Network with other CSU Business faculty statewide
  • Collaborate on multi-campus digital and online learning projects
  • Develop new academic content for your courses and get feedback f
  • Build communities of practice for scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Learn who is teaching online in CSU Business campuses
  • Gain professional recognition for teaching innovations for RTP
  • Learn how to use MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Onlne Teaching) www.merlot.org
  • Learn about new digital and academic technologies in the CSU
  • Discuss difficult challenges of teaching and learning in the CSU
  • Share, improve and streamline approaches to AACSB accreditation
  • Help part-time instructors and lecturers to use online learning resources
  • Introduce new CSU Business Faculty
  • Showcase Teaching Excellence achieved by CSU Business Faculty and/or Campuses
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The listserve provides a venue to share resources, announce events, discuss issues, problem solve, and network. The listserve is moderated to prevent spam and ensure that all postings are on-subject.

Join the Conversation

MERLOT Voices enables you to collaborate with all MERLOT members, join and participate in community conversations, customize your own Voices page, and add videos related to online learning and teaching. You can also invite others to join and participate.

CSU Business Conference on Online Teaching & Learning

Conference Program
CSU Los Angeles, Nov 13th, 2009
For More Information, Click Here!

CSU Teaching Business Faculty Steering Committee

The CSU Teaching Business Faculty Steering Committee has been established to support the professional development of CSU Business faculty in their efforts to provide excellent academic programs for their students. The website is the first (and not only) means to provide this professional development services. more.