CSU Teaching Business Faculty Steering Committee

The convening members of the CSU Teaching Business Faculty Steering Committeel are:

  • Ron PurserManagement, San Francisco State University
  • Tim Hill Information Systems, San Jose State University
  • Rassoul Yazdipour Finance, CSU Fresno
  • Vish Hegde Management, CSU East Bay
  • Ron Pimentel Marketing, CSU Bakersfield
  • Joe Greco Finance, CSU Fullerton
  • Murray Millson, Marketing & Director EMBA, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Jim Hamerly, Entrepreneurship, CSU San Marcos
  • Ludwig Slusky, Information Systems, Cal State LA
  • H. Micheal Chung, Graduate Programs, CSU Long Beach
  • Kay Bragg, Associate Dean, CSU Dominguez Hills
  • Donald McCormick, Management, CSU Northridge
  • Gerry Hanley, Director of Academic Technology, CSU Chancellor's Office

Charter of the CSU Teaching Business Faculty Steering Commiteel: What do we do?

  1. Lead the CSU Business Faculty community as it develops and practices quality innovations in teaching business with technology.
  2. Manage the content the CSU Teaching Business Website so it provides exemplary resources for CSU business faculty.
  3. Write grants for campus programs that will leverage the strengths of the CSU system and MERLOT.
  4. Conduct professional development workshops on using technology in teaching business courses.
  5. Become a leading MERLOT user in your school.
  6. Your plans for new activities.

How Could I Become Involved?

  1. Register as a MERLOT Business member
  2. Contact chair of CSU TBFSC (Ron Purser) and describe what activities they would like to do.

Who’s the development team for the web site?
The CSU Center for Distributed Learning designed, developed, and delivered the website (version 1.0) on 12/7/05 . The team of people involved were:

  • Project Director: Gerry Hanley
  • Content Expert: Ron Purser
  • Project Manager: Kathleen Willbanks
  • Site Designer: Eric Cheng
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