Introduction to Web Accessibility

References to Resources Within the CSU

CSU campuses have provided a nice selection of supportive resources about the basics of web site accessibility.  These can be used to enhance your training efforts. 

The Basics

  • FAQ's on Web Accessibiity Provided by the ATI

    • Why is Web Accessibility Important?
    • What is the cost of developing accessibile websites?
    • How long does it take to create an accessible website?
    • Retrofitting an existing site.
    • Characteristics of an accessible web site.
    • Accessible design principles.
    • Do I have to "dumb down" my site in order to make it accessible?
    • And many more...
  • Law & Ethics Overview

    Jim Thatcher provides a course that covers Federal Laws as well as Ethics.

  • CSU ATI Policy
  • Assistive Technologies Listed and Defined

Best Practices

Quick overview of the best practices for accessibility requirments and issues.

Last Updated: 11/07/08.  Contact: CSU Cal Poly, ITS - Service Desk.


Handout for workshop on Web Accessibility.  Created: 2008.  Contact: Sacramento State, Academic Technology & Creative Services, (916) 278-6011.


Created: May 2008.  Contact: Cal Poly, SLO,

PowerPoint presentation on basic web design principles.  Created: 2008.  Contact: Cindy Compean,

References to Resources Outside the CSU

For web content developers, page authors, site designers, etc.)

Gain an appreciation of web accessibility by understanding the user perspective. WebAIM, (435) 797-7024.

The place to start if you need to a comprehensive understanding web accessibility.

WebAIM provides information on using a screenreader to evaluate the accessibility of web content.  Created by: WebAIM, (435) 797-7024.

Primer on web accessibility published by WebAIM.

  • SOAP (Stanford Online Accessibility Program)

This is intended to be your one-stop location for Policies, Guidelines, White-papers and more covering the general topic of online accessibility.

WebAIM article on a "perceivable, operable, understsandable, and robust" website.

A WebAIM Tutorial.  Created by: WebAIM, (435) 797-7024.