Resources Within the CSU

Checkpoints for Web Accessibility

Tutorial on 10 accessibility checkpoints.  Provides good and bad examples of accessibility.  CSU Northridge. Contact: http://www.csun.edu/contact/.


Manual Evaluation

This procedure is designed to be used in conjunction with an automated accessibility evaluation report produced by HiSoftware or similar tools.  It could also be used on its own without automated assistance.  Revised: 2/25/07, CSU Cal Poly, Contact ITS - Service Desk.

Use the companion CSU Cal Poly Section 508 Manual Website Evaluation Guide when reviewing a site.  Created: 4/11/08, CSU Cal Poly, Contact ITS - Service Desk.

Resources Outside the CSU

The place to start if you need to a comprehensive understanding web accessibility.

WebAIM provides information on using a screenreader to evaluate the accessibility of web content.  Created by: WebAIM..

Primer on web accessibility published by WebAIM.

  • SOAP (Stanford Online Accessibility Program)

This is intended to be your one-stop location for Policies, Guidelines, White-papers and more covering the general topic of online accessibility.

WebAIM article on a "perceivable, operable, understsandable, and robust" web site.

Resource information quickly on web site issues and related 508 Guidelines and accessibility.