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Zoe Gillenwater explains the concept of accessibility as it applies to the web, and describes how it affects the audience. She also covers how to set up accessibility testing, and how to apply accessibility principles to new and existing sites using standards-compliant markup and CSS. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.  The training focuses on the DreamWeaver application. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The training can ONLY be accessed on CSU campus networked computers or through a VPN connection to your campus.  All training has Open Captions.  The videos will open in a new page on your browser. 

Download Exercise Files:

Creating Accessible Page Layouts

Working With Text

Creating Navigation

Working With Images

Working With Tables

Creating Forms

Web Design Training from Other Resources

The following trainings are from CSU Channel Islands and organizations outside the CSU.  They expand upon the training to provide more comprehensive training in web design.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Provided by the Opera Web Standards Curriculum)

An in depth look at the standards model and how HTML, CSS and JavaScript interact with each other to create a web site.

Learn the basics of HTML—what it is, what it does, its history in brief, and what the structure of an HTML document looks like.

Key HTML Markup Elements (Provided by the Opera Web Standards Curriculum)


CSU Channel Islands provides more indepth information in their presentation on color than what is offered in the trainings.  Created 2008, Contact:  Peter Mosinskis, IT Consultant,

Alternative Text

Created by: CSU Channel Islands, 2008.  Contact:  Peter Mosinskis, IT Consultant,

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets are used to style HTML, and position it on the web page. Opera give a comprehensive training by introducing you to CSS, what it is, how to apply it to HTML, and what basic CSS syntax looks like.


This document focuses on using Dreamweaver to author accessible web sites, and is a compilation of original material and information from several publicly available web sites. Web sources are identified at the beginning of any section in which they are used.  Created 2008, Humboldt State University.

A training created by WebAIM on the accessibility features of Dreamweaver.  WebAIM, (435) 797-7024.


WebAIM presents a comprehensive article on designing a web site that is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust.  A must read when understanding the user's perspective and needs in navigating the web.  WebAIM, (435) 797-7024.

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