Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) Review

When evaluating a VPAT, there are several areas that should be critically reviewed:

Header information completed

  • Date: Given how quickly technology changes currency is important
  • Name of Product: Make sure the product name and vendor name is present.
  • Version Number (if applicable): The product version number should be present (if applicable).
  • Contact for more Information (name/phone/email): Contact info (name, email, and phone) for the person/group that completed the VPAT should be available.

Multiple Interface Option

  • If the product has different interfaces for different audiences (e.g. faculty, staff admin), or applications on different devices, than a separate VPAT is needed for each interface.

Completeness of VPAT

  • Is the Summary Table complete and does it summarize the compliance status for the overall applicable Technical, Functional, and Documentation sections?
  • Based on the type of product and its functionality, are all appropriate sub-sections completed?

VPAT Review

Currently the CSU is conducting a series of accessibility trainings for compliance standards based on section 508 in alignment with WCAG 2.0. Content in this section represents the criteria covered in August 2016 series. For additional information please refer to Web Accessibility at CSU.