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Understanding Section 508 and the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Understanding Section 508 and VPAT with Jim Tobias

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Jim Tobias

Jim Tobias

Inclusive Technologies


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Background of Section 508 (8 min)

  • Disability and Accessibility
  • Accessibility Laws and Trends
  • Benefits to the CSU Community
  • Origin of Section 508

How the VPAT Got Its Grid (11 min)

  • Technical Provisions
  • Functional Performance Criteria
  • Information, Documentation, and Support

Getting a VPAT (10 min)

  • 4 Situations
  • Searching for VPATs
  • What To Ask For

Evaluating and Comparing VPATs (8 min)

  • Walkthrough of Steps
  • Comparing VPATs

Frequently Unasked Questions (9 min)

  • Can I Prioritize by Impact?
  • The Vendor is Stonewalling -- What Do I Do?
  • Isn't Assistive Technology Good Enough?
  • How Much Paperwork Do I Still Have To Do?