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Procurement Goal 5

Goal 5 - Training

All parties involved in E&IT procurement have been trained, and a continual training program is in place.

Success Indicators for Goal 5

5.1 - Established and deployed new employee orientation training materials that provide overview of Section 508 requirements and where to get more information.

5.2 - Established and deployed training program for purchase requestors and administrative support staff.

5.3 - Established and deployed training program for Information Technology Staff.

5.4 - Established and deployed training program for Buyers (procurement staff).

5.5 - Established and deployed training for all purchase card holders.

5.6 - Established a plan that provides resources for the Section 508 Compliance officer and ATI Designee or other Designee to participate in professional development and continuing education opportunities.

5.7 - Collected feedback from training (effectiveness, knowledge retention, etc.).

5.8 - Established methods for retraining individuals and departments to refresh knowledge of the E&IT procurement process.