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Instructional Materials Goal 6.0

Goal 6.0 – Accessibility Requirements for Curricular Review and Approval

The campus has implemented policies and procedures to ensure that accessibility requirements have been incorporated into the curricular review process.

Success Indicators for Goal 6

*6.2 - Campus has established accessibility standards or guidelines for selecting, authoring, and procuring curricular materials (e.g. documents, videos, web/mobile applications). Example: Course Accessibility Checklist.

*6.4 - Campus has established a process to allow for the review of the accessibility of online courses before posting. [Measurement]

6.5 - Campus has established a process for faculty and/or instructional staff to incorporate accessibility at time of course redesign. [Measurement]

6.6 - Campus has established a process to track courses that have been reviewed/revised for accessibility support. [Measurement]

*Note: After the completion of a comprehensive five year review of the success indicators; identified success indicators were rewritten to provide clarity and assigned new numbers.

Systemwide Success Indicator Projects and other Resources