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Instructional Materials Goal 4.0

Goal 4.0 – Faculty Use of LMS (or non-LMS) Course Websites

The campus has implemented policies and procedures to promote the posting of all required curricular and instructional resources (including print-based and multimedia materials) in a central, accessible electronic location.

Success Indicators for Goal 4

4.1 - Campus has formally documented (e.g., Policy, Resolution or Procedure) a process to promote or require the posting of instructional materials to a central, electronic location (e.g. LMS, lecture capture system, course website). [Commitment]

*4.3 - Campus has established specific guidelines and procedures for submitting course and curricular materials hosted in campus LMS (or other central, electronic product). [Commitment]

4.4 - Campus has implemented procedures to accelerate the delivery of alternate media materials to improve timeliness (e.g. electronic delivery via campus LMS or FTP). [Ability]

4.5 - Campus has implemented a procedure that provides alternate media production staff with timely access to instructional materials within the central electronic location. [Ability]

*4.7 - Campus has established a process to review vendor documentation and/or conduct product testing to determine the accessibility support provided by the central, electronic location (e.g. LMS, lecture capture system, course website). [Measurement]

4.8 - Campus has established a process to periodically request and review updated vendor documentation and/or conduct updated product testing for the central, electronic location. [Measurement]

4.9 - Campus has developed an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) that addresses how the campus will ensure equal access for individuals with disabilities to IM stored within the central, electronic location. [Measurement]

4.10 - Campus has established a process to measure the extent to which IM are posted to the central, electronic location. [Measurement]

*Note: After the completion of a comprehensive five year review of the success indicators; identified success indicators were rewritten to provide clarity and assigned new numbers.

Systemwide Success Indicator Projects and other Resources