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Instructional Materials Goal 3.0

Goal 3.0 – Early Identification of Students with Disabilities

The campus has implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure that students with disabilities are identified and able to request alternate media materials in a timely manner.

Success Indicators for Goal 3

3.1 - Campus has implemented a system to provide early registration for alternate media-eligible students. [Ability]

3.2 - Campus has implemented a system to track early registration usage by alternate media-eligible students (intended to provide alternate media programs with sufficient time to produce alternate media as well as to document student conformance with alternate media submissions procedures). [Measurement]

3.3 - Campus has implemented a system that allows alternate media requests to be submitted without appearing in-person during regular business hours (e.g. web-based forms, integration with student registration portal). [Ability]

3.4 - Campus has implemented a system to track the timeliness of alternate media requests. [Measurement]

3.5 - Campus has developed specific measures of success for early identification of students with disabilities (e.g., percentage of eligible students who utilize early registration) and implemented a system to track these measures. [Measurement]

Systemwide Success Indicator Projects and other Resources