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Instructional Materials Goal 2.0

Goal 2.0 – Identification of IM for Late-Hire Faculty

The campus has implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure that textbooks have been identified for courses with late-hire faculty.

Success Indicators for Goal 2

2.1 - All academic units have implemented specific procedures for late hire or adjunct faculty members for the timely adoption of curricular materials. [Ability]

*2.3 - Campus has established a process to gather data (e.g. percentage and number) regarding adoption of IM for late-hire adoptions. [Measurement]

2.4 - Campus has established a process to distribute performance reports regarding timely, late-hire adoptions to campus administration at least annually.

*Note: After the completion of a comprehensive five year review of the success indicators; identified success indicators were rewritten to provide clarity and assigned new numbers.

Systemwide Success Indicator Projects and other Resources