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Louisiana Tech University Legal Settlement


  • A student who is blind was unable to participate in a course due to an inaccessible web app (MyOMLab) and IM (handouts)
  • Faculty member directed student to app vendor and assigned conversion of handouts to another student in the course
  • Campus failed to provide equal/timely access within 1 month
  • Student was unable to participate equally in course discussions or prepare for exams in a timely manner so dropped the course


Policy Revisions

  • Require the deployment of accessible technology/course content that complies with accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • New web/IM content to comply when deployed
  • Existing web/IM content to comply by December, 2014
  • Affirm the role of the Disability Services (DS) office
  • Authorize and coordinate the delivery of accommodations
  • Coordinate with instructors on service delivery
  • Establish procedures to review/resolve complaints promptly
  • Revise contract language to require vendors to warrant compliance


  • All instruction-related personnel and administrators to receive training on instructor obligations, campus resources, best practices
  • All student orientation sessions to include DS office presentation


  • Plan, develop, and implement a system to achieve accessible web and IM
  • Prioritize remediation actions based on usage and importance
  • Provide contact method for users who experience problems
  • Submit initial and annual reports regarding progress (policy revisions, training dates/attendance, related complaints)


  • Reinforces several core ATI principles/guidance
    • Consider accessibility prior to adoption
    • Select the most accessible product that meets requirements
    • Ensure timely and equally-effective accommodations as needed
  • Affirms guidance from earlier OCR settlements
    • WCAG 2.0 level AA will increasingly be set as the target conformance standard
    • Emphasizes importance of establishing and following institutional policies/procedures (avoidance of ad hoc approaches)