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Photo of Yvette          Yvette's Story

Confined to a wheelchair, Yvette presents a compelling story about physical accessibility in classrooms and how she copes with the barriers and challenges.


Yvette's Story

Several professors were asked to watch the video series and make comments after seeing and hearing her story.  You will find these very useful to share with other faculty.

Faculty Response to Yvette's Story

Yvette's Suggestions

  1. Make sure there are no physical barriers to getting into your classroom.
  2. Know the campus procedures for assisting students with disabilities during an emergency.
  3. Be sensitive to a student's need to sit in front of the classroom.
  4. Allow for full participation in course activities and don't make assumptions about the student's ability to participate.
  5. Hold students with disabilities to the same academic standard.
  6. Use the campus course management system to post the syllabus and other important class information and materials online.