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Photo of Tiago          Tiago's Story

Tiago grew up around the gangs in Oakland and feared that he might not live to be 21.  Rescued and adopted my an adoring family, Tiago was diagnosed at age 29 with a Learning Disability.  Once he knew why learning was so difficult for him, he could talk to professors and work out a way to take the classes he needed to earn a Master's Degree.  He's now working and helping kids stay in school at the same school that kicked him out as a teenager.


Tiago's Story

Several professors were asked to watch the video series and make comments after seeing and hearing his story.  You will find these very useful to share with other faculty.

Faculty Response to Tiago

Tiago's Suggestions

  1. Provide alternative ways to demonstrate mastery of the subject.
  2. Use other teaching modalities to reach those who don't learn from lectures.
  3. Provide course materials electronically so they can be converted into multiple formats. For example, audio or large print.
  4. Take advantage of the student's background and capabilities.
  5. Create the sense that students are receiving some one-on-one instruction.
  6. Don't allow students to stereotype each other.